5 Most Common Types of Residential Door Locks

There are a variety of door locks available in the market that offers a great level of security to a home or business. From door locks to deadbolts, each one is designed keeping in view the level of security needed. Before lock installation, its important to know about each category, so as to find suitable ones based on requirements.

Types of locks available are:

1. Door Handle Locks


These locks are quite simple and least secure. They are installed within the handle of a door. While locked, it prevents the handle from rotating, thereby not allowing to open the door. Handle locks are mostly used with interior doors such as bathroom and others because they are easy to break through. The other type of door knob lock consists of a button that is found next to the door handle, and operates in the same way.

2. Deadbolts


Deadbolts are stronger locks and offers security using a solid metal cylinder that extends through the door into the wall to provide completely safe door. Deadbolts are often installed with door handle locks to add an extra level of protection. A key is required to lock them from outside. If properly installed, they grant enough security for most residential buildings.

3. Key-less Locks


As the name suggests, these locks operate without a key. The door is locked and unlocked using a security code which is kept confidential among the homeowners. Employing a key-less lock along with a deadbolt offers a great level of security. Lock installation in commercial buildings and other places such as banks where tight security is a necessity, is mostly achieved through key-less locks.

4. Electric Locks


These locks are similar to other simple locks. The only difference is that they don’t operate manually. Electric locks uses various locking and unlocking mechanisms such as remotes for functioning. All these mechanisms runs electronically. But they come with a re-keying technique that can open this lock in an emergency condition using a key or a backup code.

5. Combination Locks


These locks work much like a key-less entry but operates only through keypad functions using a push button mechanism. Instead of a digital device such as a remote, these locks uses keypad to trigger the movement of a deadbolt.

There are different categories of door locks corresponding to doors found in buildings and cars. From simple to extremely high electric locking system, there is a door lock for every need.

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