5 Different Types of Locksmith Services

locksmith spruce grove

Whenever security issue strikes your mind, the first thing that comes up is a lock. Locksmith is a person that offers you with services related to locks. A professional locksmith offers you a range of services including making locks, installing and repairing locks, making duplicate keys etc. If you are living in Spruce Grove and need a professional Spruce Grove locksmith services, then it is essential to make sure which type of locksmiths suits your need.

Types of Locksmiths available are:

  • Residential Locksmiths – As the name suggests, these locksmiths provide emergency locksmiths services for home or garage doors. If your lock got stuck and is not opening with a key, then all you need is a residential locksmith. You can hire him for emergency service i.e immediate opening of a lock. If you have a modern, high-security lock installed, then you’ll need to call a domestic security locksmith expert.

  • Installation Locksmiths – It is quite difficult to install a door lock yourself. Either you’ll harm your door or you’ll damage the lock. Lock installation is much difficult and tricky. For this purpose, you’ll need a locksmith who is experienced enough for proper installation. These locksmiths can put a lock by using methods such as drilling the door, setting up security systems and installing anti-theft measures.

  • Car Locksmiths – Most of us might have locked our car’s door without picking up car keys. Most of the cars use smart keys that are harder to bypass, therefore, these locks cannot be copied in a standard key-cutting machine. If you need car key lock services, then you should look for a locksmith who specializes in automotive security.

  • Commercial Locksmiths – Commercial locksmith services are essential in retail, office buildings, schools, hospitals and large business premises. The locks used here are electronic and highly secure. Its maintenance, repair, and installation requires expertise. The commercial locksmiths spruce grove can help you install and maintain security features such as bio-metric locks.

  • Key Duplication Locksmiths – Locksmiths that specialize in key cutting or key copying are of great help in emergency services. If you lost the key while on your way to home and the duplicate keys are already inside your room. Then, the only thing you can do is to call an emergency locksmith, who can replicate the key for you. If you use an electronic lock, then the locksmith will try to get the electronic codes for the locks from the manufacturers so that he can replicate the complex mechanisms.

Locksmith services varies with types of locks and needs. If you want a perfect solution to your lock issue, then you need to opt for a professional in that particular field.


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