What Should You Do If You Lost Car Keys?


You may have lost your car keys and you might not know what to do. But one thing is sure that losing car keys can be a very frustrating and stressful situation. It can transform your good day into a bad day. When you realize that you don’t have your car keys in your pocket, there are many things starting to add up quickly in your mind like dealer fee, towing fees, parts and labor. In such situation, you try to find the cheapest solution.

Replacing car keys can be expensive, but not in every case. If you lost your car keys, you don’t need to take tension. Because there are many automotive locksmiths available that provide you with a car key replacement service at a very fair price. Sometimes car key replacement service turns out to be a very expensive. So, it is crucial that you hire a trustworthy and reputable locksmith to avoid hidden charges.

Here, sprucegrove247locksmith.ca share some effective tips to get back your car keys without costing the earth.

1. Don’t panic: Anyone can panic when they learn about their lost car keys. This is a very common, but you need to remember that this is not a DIY situation. Often, people try to break the car window, resulting in a more expensive fix. Nowadays, cars come with anti-theft system. Means if you try to start it without keys, it will not start without car keys.

2. Claim on a key cover policy: If your car keys have been lost, with a key cover policy, you can rest assured that you will not leave helpless with no way of getting to your destination. When you learn that you have been losing your keys, you need to contact keycare’s emergency helpline number. It is a twenty four hour service.

3. Contact a locksmith: Search a locksmith service online near to you. You can ask for word of mouth recommendations. An experienced and adept locksmith will be able to provide you a new set of your car keys. The plus point is hiring a locksmith is they have more sophisticated machinery and tools than a hardware store. Locksmith also charges less than car dealers.

4. Purchase a new set: Buying a new set of car keys is one of the most expensive solution. It is a very easy to order new car keys from car dealers, but they cost you around $200 because of the coding and programming needed to activate the remote control locking. 

If you are looking for the money saver options on car key replacement, as well as looking fast and the best customer service, you should go with us. Our adept professionals help you to replace your car keys. We offer all the automotive locksmith services in Spruce Grove.


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